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From A to Z, Assessment, proposal, contracting and completion.  You've wanted to but just don't have the time to. Contact us for Concierge service and manage the process of securing Janitorial Cleaning to specialized Window Cleaning,Carpet Cleaning and Final Construction Cleaning.  Our Network of professionals can handle just about any task you find yourself facing. With over 50 years of experienced professionals, we are able to advise, direct, and perform that which is before you without worry. Our Project Management staff is able to keep you in the loop and meet the deadline. Unified Services Network goes out and gets trusted providers to perform the work you need then acts as your liaison to them. No hassle. No one offended; we serve as your ambassador.

Want the special touch?  Try our Concierge Services for services being added daily! A wealth of experience, like with will make it look fresh and clean - and we will not only paint it, but we'll clean up afterward - clearing windows of excess paint or spray.

All YOU have to do is start the process by reaching out to us. We'll be honored, and you'll be happy you did!